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From Striving to Thriving

Are you living the life you want? Are you fulfilled in all the areas of your daily life? Do you have dreams and goals that you haven't accomplished? You are definitely not alone. I have yet to meet a person who hasn't, at some point in their life, felt like they wanted more, and that if they could only achieve certain goals/dreams, then they would be happy. Yet, for different reasons, they are not able to gain their footing and able to go from treading water (surviving) to swimming towards the island of their dreams (thriving). Do you ever feel like every day is spent just treading water instead of getting to the island where all your desires, goals, passions and unfulfilled dreams await you. You want to get to the island, but you just don't know the way to get there.

The To-Do List

One possible reason you may feel this way is because you have plans for the future you want, but you have become so busy just treading water to get through

the day and the thought of adding anything more to your plate seems like an impossible task. The daily to-do list has given you more responsibilities and obligations than there are hours in the day. At the end of the day you are barely able to cross off the items on your list, let alone attempt to add anything that will get you closer to what you really want in order to thrive in life. So you continue to just keep doing your daily task of treading water in the middle of the lake... the island, a distant dream. You settle for surviving instead of thriving. Life can be more than a to-do list. YOU CAN START THRIVING TODAY!


Maybe it is not just that your to-do list has occupied your whole day. Maybe you have tried to achieve your goals and dreams before and things didn't work out.

You set your goal, then make a plan to achieve it, but life circumstances change. You just can't seem to find your way to the island... so you give up. You decide that the reason you can't achieve the life you want is because you must not deserve it. Your self-worth has taken a hit and you no longer feel worthy of a thriving life. This is a common false mindset that can easily be overcome with a dedicated shift in the way you see your worth and the way you treat yourself.


The first step in achieving your goals and reaching for the life you want and deserve, is deciding that you are worth it... that your family is worth it... that the people that depend on you are worth it! You have to prioritize what is most important to you. Picture you have a mason jar in your hands. You have sand and rocks to fill it with. Each grain of sand represents a small priority/task and each rock represents a task that is of higher priority. When you fill the jar with the sand first, you will discover that there is not enough room for the rocks. BUT if you choose to put the rocks in first, when you pour in the sand, it will fill in the spaces between the rocks and there will be enough room in the jar for the rocks and the sand. In case you haven't figured it out yet, the jar represents your life. When you prioritize the things that matter most to you (family, friends, passion projects, the legacy you want to leave with the world), you will end up accomplishing more in your day than you had anticipated. Your to do list won't seem like an endless distraction from achieving a life that brings you joy, purpose, passion, adventure, and love... for yourself and those around you. When you choose to believe that your life matters and that you add value to the world, your choices will reflect that, and you will take the necessary steps you need to in order to THRIVE!

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