So, what is a life coach? That's what I asked. I was pretty skeptical. Could talking to a stranger really help me feel better? I decided, what do I have to lose, let's try it. I gave Veronica a call, so happy I did! After our first talk, she had me really looking at my thoughts differently. She had me questioning things and digging deeper into my head. Veronica had me do a painting project. I thought, "how's this going to help"? But it was fun to do. I hung it in a place I could see it every morning. Amazing how it really worked. After our second talk, I spent the next week rethinking the way I handle situations. I made changes to my approaches and thought patterns. It became obvious that I had fallen into unhealthy patterns. By the third week, I had changed the way I felt about myself. I am so much happier. Veronica didn't wave a magic wand to fix me. Instead, she gave me the tools to fix myself. I've got a ways to go, but now I know how to get there. So yes, talking to a stranger can make life better. It's crazy but so true. Thank you, Veronica, for showing me the way to a happier me!


                                                                                               Tawnya Croft Walters

Veronica is a community builder! She really helps open you up to find the light inside. A truly helping soul, Veronica really allows the person she's coaching to move forward. 11/10. I would absolutely recommend her.


                                                                                                                          Lenny Knight 


I had some personal coaching sessions done with Veronica recently that I really benefited from. There were moments that I had to just vent and not for a second did I feel judged or looked at differently in any way. Instead, I was approached in an empathetic manner, which made me feel supported and ultimately guided towards finding the solutions! Then there were moments where we just laughed and enjoyed being in one another’s presence. To me, building connections with people is very important and that was at the center of our coaching/client relationship. Whatever you may be bringing to the table, I have nothing but confidence and trust in Coach Veronica and Thrive Life Coaching!




                                                                                                                             Navid Fallah


5 out of 5!    


               Chandni P.


"Working with Veronica, I have found her a deeply compassionate and caring person, with a strong drive to help. I also found her insightful and intelligent in her guidance. I know she has gone through the process of being life coached and that it was hugely transformational for herself... and also I know the school she attended and the high standards they set for their students, not to mention it is an experiential model of learning, so Veronica has experienced life coaching from all the possible angles. Her caring heart, her intelligent mind, and her multi-faceted experience with life coaching make Veronica a person I believe could help anyone create the life they want! Not to mention she is one of the most pleasant and inviting personalities to be around! Feeling immediately at ease and welcomed makes the whole process so much more enjoyable!"



                                                                                                                                Franco Cado