What To Expect

       A mindset life coach is a professionally trained person who can help you look at your life objectively. You will be offered a new perspective on your situation and with my assistance, you will create a plan to achieve the results you want, including developing answers and plans for resolving problems, alleviating fears, improving your attitude, and creating tangible change in your daily routine. 


       Mindset coaching creates an opportunity to increase your confidence in yourself, and become more self-reliant, develop better spiritual awareness, and create a sense of balance between your career and personal life. As your mindset coach, I will be committed to assisting you in overcoming the grief and struggle that has kept you stuck. Life coaching also involves setting goals and helping you stay motivated and committed to reaching them. I will challenge you to look deep within yourself to examine your thoughts, feelings and actions.

       During your session, you should arrive with the motivation to work with the coach and be honest regarding your aspirations for your life and what you want to achieve through your sessions. Once I understand your current situation, as your life coach, I will guide you through a positive process aimed at making internal, external, tangible and productive changes. I will offer comments, suggestions and opinions designed to keep you on track. The life coaching session will be 60 minutes and can take place in person, over the telephone, or via video conferencing. Life coaching can also be done with two clients who require collateral coaching (relationship conflict coaching)

       While in the session, I will ask you pointed and probative questions in order to guide the discussion to obtain a productive result. Being straightforward and truthful with me will produce a more productive session. Keep in mind that I may challenge you to confront your inner thoughts without forcing you to. I may ask you to dig deep into a belief you have established that you hold because it may be a belief that is limiting you. I will never force you to share something or decide on anything until you are capable. Sessions are confidential to enable you to investigate your thoughts, opinions, beliefs and values. My intention is to equip and enable you to feel confident and capable to achieve the life that you want for yourself and to be empowered to make the necessary changes that you have identified throughout the session. If you fully invest yourself in this process, you will be able to move past your pain, grief and hangups that have held you back up to this point.