Why Should You Hire A Mindset Coach?


Are you living the full life you envisioned for yourself? Are you thriving in your career, family, social, and personal life? Are you able to effectively communicate with the people in your life, resolving conflict, and avoiding triggering language? Are you accomplishing the goals you set for yourself on a regular basis? Are you able to overcome obstacles and move through loss and grief with proactive action that allows you to live the abundant life you know you deserve?


If the answer to any of these questions is no,

you could absolutely benefit from talking with a mindset coach.



If you feel stuck in life's circumstances and are tired of just treading water instead of swimming towards that destination island where you can accomplish your dreams and live the life you can be proud of, contact me for a free consultation.


Every day, individuals find themselves in need of someone to talk to who can give them unbiased advice. Family or friends are not always the best option for giving you good counsel because regardless of their care for you, their experience might not be adequate for giving reliable guidance or they may not be able to give objective advice due to their investment in your wellbeing.




























This is a job for a mindset coach! 


To have the help of a life coach for insight and support could shed a whole new light on your situation and help you gain a fresh perspective. Mindset coaching is a professional relationship in which your coach will help to guide you through your own feelings, thoughts, desires/goals, roadblocks and experiences in order to move you forward to the future you envision and are striving towards.



So, what is a life coach? That's what I asked. I was pretty skeptical. Could talking to a stranger really help me feel better? I decided, what do I have to lose, let's try it. I gave Veronica a call, so happy I did! After our first talk, she had me really looking at my thoughts differently. She had me questioning things and digging deeper into my head. Veronica had me do a painting project. I thought, "how's this going to help"? But it was fun to do. I hung it in a place I could see it every morning. Amazing how it really worked. After our second talk, I spent the next week rethinking the way I handle situations. I made changes to my approaches and thought patterns. It became obvious that I had fallen into unhealthy patterns. By the third week, I had changed the way I felt about myself. I am so much happier. Veronica didn't wave a magic wand to fix me. Instead, she gave me the tools to fix myself. I've got a ways to go, but now I know how to get there. So yes, talking to a stranger can make life better. It's crazy but so true. Thank you, Veronica, for showing me the way to a happier me!

                                                                                           Tawnya Croft Walters